Thursday, April 5, 2012


So my wonderful loving Korbin turned 4 and now HATES everything??!!

I am at the checkout at the store.. he tells me in a loud voice I hate that man..about the guy in front of me.. I tell him that isn't very nice and I don't want to hear him say it again. I thought it went well and it was done with.. I was SOOOOO VERY WRONG!! We are at the red light waiting for the turn signal and he now hates the person in front of us... I say to him I can't go till they go and THEY can't go till they get the arrow.. he said I hate the red light..Lord his list is growing...I tell him he needs to learn patience or life will be very difficult for him..I cook almost every night.. if we don't have leftovers we get pizza or on the very rare occasion we go eat out.. He was on this chicken nugget kick all he would eat.. he hates everything remember... So I said you know what buddy I am tired of this foolishness you hear me. he said uh-huh.. which I know is him being a smart ass.. Lord knows he is. So i fix white beans.. he loved white beans.. now he hates them???? So ok well I can play this game. that is all you can eat nothing else. Do NOT ask me for anything!!! he in his defiance went to bed hungry for the next 2 months!!! I fed him breakfast and lunch and I would fix him the same supper as we were having.. Nope I hate this..I tried so hard to coax him into eating.. and I was told if he is hungry enough he will eventually eat it... so everyone would be done eating and he would still have his food uneaten... I put on some LBS for not letting his food go to waste...

So one day I tried something new... it was white beans again..and like always he hated it.. so I started saying ok well you get this and nothing else, the hubby chimed in to let it go, I quickly shot his advice down with a fire stare and the whole I got this let it alone.. he accepted defeat i said OMG Korbin  look at all that food in your bowl!!! Wow lest see if you can take one bite.. he quickly informed me he could take 2 bites.. even showed me the possible bites with his fingers.. I said oh yeah show me. I was up for the challenge and this day I would WIN! He took the two bites.. I nodded to the hubby with this shit eating grin like huh told you so Buddy.. mmmmhmmmph. So I coaxed another bite and another.. before we knew it he finished.. I said were the beans good .. he shockingly said yes! This day we both won! he actually liked something and I got him to eat!

I cooked my famous red I always say I cook with love and my beans are the best!! the kids do too lol they say i am the best cook ever and daddy is the best drink fixer.. he gets their drinks fixed like no bodies business!! So still feeling success from the food war won.. I fix Korbin a bowl of beans..I hate red beans he yelled like it was the end of the world.. but he love LOVES cornbread.. I gave him a piece big enough to piss him off..  He tore into it and wanted more.. I said nope we have to eat our beans..I sat a little higher in my chair knowing I would win this battle and take no POW! His daddy got up to get more bread and I quickly...i am so freaking smart sometimes...said oh look Korbin daddy is getting more bread you want some.. he said yesssss I said ok Lets see how many bites we can take before daddy gets here with the bread.. I gave the hubby the take your good ole time getting back look and We ate bite after GLORIOUS bite! he had ate the whole bowl! and got a slice of cornbread! VICTORIOUS!

So now he knows I fix supper or what ever he better eat cause this momma isn't budging!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Waylon is a turd!

So the very last baby we will ever have unless we get very rich is a turd! He was born in August very dramatically I might add! From birth he is a risk taker.. I can only imagine the coranary he will give me later in life... Well he doesn't listen very well, I keep telling him to slow dow with this growing up business and well my words fall on deaf ears. He is Amazing! I love him but i want him to take his time.. not that it is at all realistic or possible..He is now 7 months and such a lil old man!

I swear he complains when he needs something: hey woman i am hungry, i pooed myself, um i need attention, sigh .. YES he sighs about everything I might add..he gets that crap from me.. He cut his first tooth about a month ago.. I had no idea.. I mean he chewed on everything in arms reach, my shirt attached to my arm, hands toys his siblings.. EVERYTHING. He never was fussy AMEN! he is trully different then my 3 other kids. Not once did he complain.. I bought stock in oragel..and used it twice!!! What a lil jerk! How dare he not be fussy so i can't use the oragel.. LOL So 3 days ago Waylon desides to pull at my I am a Mother strings.. you know those kind.. the ones that when they do something new you think they are even more amazing and at the same time your heart breaks a little knowing they are growing up.. WAY TOO FAST!! Well he has started pulling himself up in his playpen and bed....Yes Ashley he loves that bed..THANK YOU!!.. well he in his little mind just thinks he is a lil old man and can do much much more than he is able to do.. He got his first boo boo from the coffee table.. I felt so bad for him I know it hurt..

At the same time I know he will get more boo boos and some will be bloody. So me and his Daddy comforted him and he just looked at me like Why did you let me explore.. What the hell I thought I could accomplish this.. Don't get me wrong i watch him like a Mama hawk to make sure I limit his boo boos but at the same time I have to let him do so he can learn. So I let him exploor the dinning bench.. I got new gray hairs cause I just knew he would crack his precious head on that tile floor.. so i held him and let him pull his self up.. He turned and looked at me like he just climbed mt. Everest... which he WILL NEVER do as long as I'm alive. So I congradulated him on his achievement and cried on the inside..  we managed to not get hurt..score for me!! where has all the time gone? Is there some time fairy that just zooms through the baby stuff?? Non the less, he is a turd and I love him.

So he zoooooooms around in his walker with a purpose.. MOVE the hell out of his way!! it is sooo funny that the older kids can just go where they want.. outside inparticular and he follows them..but stops at the door.. damn walker!! So he starts standing up in it real cracks me up.. I know it is wrong..but he flails his pudgy lil arms out screaming at them which I can imagine is his ouw way of sayin hey guys what about me?? I call his name and he looks at me with tears in his eyes and I chuckle a lil cause he just wants to be so big.. all I can tell him is to slow it down.. mostly for my sake..and then go sit in the yard with him. watching him look at the big kids with awe and amazement. i would love to know what he thinks about..

So I guess this is my first blog.. hopefully of many.. i can't promise spectacular grammar or PG rated paragraphs. what I can promise is they are all writen by me...